Peter Dominguez

A seasoned real estate agent with 17 years of hands-on experience and a wealth of knowledge of the real estate market in South Florida and Bahamas. Currently employed as a realtor at Brickell Realty Group.

An exceptionally resourceful and enthusiastic agent with proven ability for helping high-profile clients fined their dream properties. A dedicated professional with a demonstrated capability to communicate with buyers, sellers, and other real estate agents. Takes pride in bringing a rare combination of analytical rigor, real estate incisiveness, and interpersonal skills to the table. Also possesses excellent negotiation skills with a knack for working under pressure.

Always seeking opportunities to get to the forefront of the real estate field and seal the best deals in record time that meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Peter earned the title of ‘Resale Agent of the Year’ in 2018 for the highest amount of local sales done by any agent in the company he also sold the highest-rated commercial properties, including warehouses and business properties in the Doral Area and facilitated a multi-national sale for a commercial laundry giant, OXXO Cleaners, helping them secure the top position in the laundry-mart market with over 63 locations and 1 main giant production cleaning plant sold in south Florida.

Peter also made his mark in the Bahamas when he sold over $10 million in homes and land in the Bahamas islands of Bimini and Eleuthera.

In the local South Florida market he sold over 75 units at a condo-conversion deal done by the Seaway Group which secured him the top position as the highest earner for the firm in the first year of his career

Through the years Peter have sold homes in Key Biscayne’s Mashta Drive, Indian Creek, Boca Raton, and Golden Beach Area, handling every transaction with the highest standard of professionalism and representing buyers and sellers as a premier member of Zillow for the most important zip code in Miami and Doral Area.

Brickell Realty Group.

An independent real estate company specializing in serving International Customers in the Greater Miami Area. Since 2007 we have been successfully providing residential and commercial brokerage services in the USA, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Our services include:

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